Bumper rice and wheat output pushes grain yield close to 285 million tonnes

Rice and wheat production in the country scaled new heights to make up for the dip in pulses and coarse cereals output and took total foodgrain output in 2018-19 to 284.95 million tonnes (mt), matching the 285 mt foodgrains produced in the previous year (2017-18), according to the fourth advance foodgrain estimates released by the Agriculture Ministry on Monday.
Despite a below-par monsoon, rice output touched 116.42 mt mt, nearly 3.25 per cent more than the 112.76 mt produced in 2017-18, while wheat production crossed the three-digit mark for the first time to achieve 102.19 mt, thanks to a favourable, prolonged winter
Pulses output, on the other hand, came down to 23.4 mt as compared to 25.42 mt; coarse cereals production, at 42.95 mt, was nearly 8.6 per cent lower than last year.
Oilseeds production was at 32.26 mt, slightly better than the 31.46 mt produced in 2017-18.
Among the pulses crops that took a major hit last year were tur, whose output was 3.59 mt (4.29 mt last year), gram 10.13 mt (11.38 mt) and urad whose production was 3.26 mt (3.49 mt).
At 2.35 mt, the production of moong on the other hand was higher than last year’s 3.03 mt, it said.

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