Seafood exports to China grow 42 per cent

China has emerged as a prominent buyer of Indian seafood, particularly the shrimp, in 2019 with export to the country registering the highest growth of about 42%.
Indian seafood export to China reached $1 billion in January-November 2019, according to Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA).
In the same period of the previous year it was around $700 million.
China is importing more to bridge the gap between rising demand and inadequate supply. Aquaculture shrimp production in the country is not enough to meet its rising consumption. With Chinese New Year approaching by the end of January, higher shrimp import is likely to continue, said Anwar Hashim, MD of Abad Fisheries. China is the largest producer of the shrimp with an output of 1million tonnes, bulk of which is internally consumed in the country.
Besides insufficient production, a rise in direct imports by China after its stricter monitoring of illegal border trade with Vietnam has also contributed to growth in its seafood imports. Exporters further reckon that a fall in pork production may have led to increased consumption of fish and other meat.

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